Frequently Asked Questions

Form DD-214

The DD-214 is the Defense Department form that details your separation from active duty service. It will list all of your pertinent information concerning your time in military service including your active duty dates.
This form is as important as your birth certificate, marriage license, social security card, and financial records.
It is strongly recommended that you record your original DD-214 with the clerk at your local courthouse.
Before you store it, you should make several copies of it and store one in a plastic sleeve.
Your wife, children, and the executor of your estate should know where your DD-214 is located. This will be needed for many things when you die.
If you do not have the original copy or your DD-214, send your name, service number, and dates of service to: Military Personal Record Center - 9700 Pace Avenue - St. Louis MO  63132Type your paragraph here.

When a Legionnaire Dies

Contact your funeral director for burial arrangements.
Contact the pastor or your church.
Furnish the funeral director with the Legionnaire's social security number, Veterans Administration claim number, and a certified copy of Form DD-214
The funeral director should supply a U.S. Flag to drape over the casket.
The funeral director should supply the proper Veterans Grave Marker.
Notify Post Service Officer Rich Seifert.
Contact Post Honor Guard Officer Ernie Harpster for a grave side Military Funeral:  Honor Guard Watch, 21 Gun Salute, and presentation of the U.S. Flag to next of kin.

Legion Uniform

The official uniform of The American Legion is The Legion Service Cap.

Although the Service Cap is the only official uniform, it is recommend that to maintain a "military look" for official Legion functions the following be worn: White dress shirt, medium gray trousers, black hose, black shoes, black belt, navy blue tie with American Legion Emblem, Legion tie tac, navy blue blazer, American Legion pocket patch worn over heart, appropriate lapel pins i.e., U.S. Flag, membership pins, Legion awards, etc.
The Service Cap . . . what do all those pins mean? The hat pins that Legionnaire's so proudly display represent a personal history. Most are awards officially presented to the Legionnaire for outstanding service, some are a representation of longevity, and a few represent their branch of service. If you want to make a Legionnaire's day, just ask them about their hat pins . . . and be prepared for some good stories.

What's with all the different colored service caps?

Solid Blue Cap - Worn by Post members. We are ALL blue caps!
Solid Blue Cap with white piping - Worn by County Executive Committee members.
Solid Blue Cap with white crown - Worn by District Executive Committee members.
Solid White Cap - Worn by Department Executive Committee members.
Solid Red Cap - Worn by National Executive Committee members.

Cold War Certificate

All members who served in the military or worked for the Defense Department between September 2, 1945 and December 26, 1991 are eligible to apply for a Cold War Certificate. This certificate is an Official Recognition Certificate as authorized by the 1998 National Defense Authorization Act.
To obtain your certificate you must send a copy of your DD-214 along with  your current mailing address to Cold War Recognition - 4035 Ridge Top Road - Suite 400 - Fairfax, VA 22030. You may also fax to 703-275-6749 or 800-723-9262.

The Legion in the woods